5 Full-Featured, Lightweight Linux Distributions

As the Linux kernel matures, Linux distros have become a viable choice for daily use by most people. Hardware support is superb these days and software has become more polished while also becoming more powerful. For most users, there aren’t any roadblocks remaining. Linux now allows you to do virtually anything you can do on … Read more

11 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Freelance Writer

  1. Hey. You’re a Busy Businessperson, Aren’t You? We’ve all heard this nugget of wisdom: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Whether that particular nugget is really golden is up for debate. Doing it all yourself is asking for trouble in most businesses — and trying to be … Read more

Supercharge Your Writing: Google Docs Add-ons for Writers

Workflow is everything for writers, and tools that integrate with Google Docs as Add-ons help improve that workflow, allowing you to perfect your document without leaving Google Docs. Copying and pasting between apps to check grammar etc. is a drag, often destroying your formatting and inviting disaster. While Google Docs offers its own spell checker … Read more

Essential Chrome Extensions for Writers

Writers are a fiercely independent bunch and many are loyalists to their own systems for writing. The continuing evolution of advanced browsers like Google Chrome and its ecosystem of extensions has opened a new world of possibility for many willful wordsmiths, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, and winning converts from traditional desktop writing applications. Utilizing a … Read more

Spending Too Much on Sales Leads? Start Content Marketing.

The term “sales lead” means different things to different people because sales leads provide varying levels of detail and prospective customers have varying levels of interest in your offering. Looking at the most common basis of comparison, a lead is an individual or a representative of a business who has provided a way for you … Read more

Three Reasons Why Managers Lose Good Employees

“It’s difficult to find good employees.” Those were the words I’d overheard, spoken by a corporate recruiter as the manager nodded in silent agreement. In the role for which they were hiring, there were once seven employees. Over time, the number went down to four. Even the most experienced, the superstar, was no longer with … Read more