La Grande Maison d’Arthenay: French Vineyard Bed & Breakfast

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It’s difficult to imagine anything finer than the taste and bouquet of a rich French wine, except of course, a visit to La Grande Maison d’Arthenay, the award-winning French vineyard and bed and breakfast in Saumur, Loire.

La Grande Maison d’Arthenay brings the area’s storied heritage together with fine dining, fine wine, and rich character.

The Loire Valley provides an opulent setting in which to immerse yourself in discovery of the traditions, the history, and the people who have made the valley their home and who have become world-renowned for their fine wines.

Rooms at the bed and breakfast at La Grande Maison d’Arthenay, with their wood beam ceilings stone-hewn walls, and large fireplaces, invite and entice visitors as they escape to a beautiful new world, a world surrounded by emerald-green gardens and vineyards, a world of charming tranquility.

Rooms at the bed and breakfast at La Grande Maison d’Arthenay each have their own outside sitting area beside the lovely gardens that grace and adorn the property. Bed and breakfast guests can choose between the Master room, the Mezzanine room, or either of the garden rooms which are the aptly-named Vine room or the Old Bakehouse.

Many have particularly enjoyed their stay at the Old Bakehouse. Cozy, quaint, and tucked away, this space had once been the bakery for the house. The original bread oven still keeps watch over guests of the room, and the room enjoys a view out over the lush surrounding vineyards.

Five local wine tours are available for visitors and guests, each an adventure and a looking glass through which to view another place in time. Tour the local vineyards, tasting along the way, and learn how the wines are made. There are also picnics available, surrounded by the scenery of the beautiful valley.

Guides aid with translation, if needed, and can help select one of the local restaurants, each of which offers a unique, culinary treat of local French cuisine.

For the adventurous, one tour includes a Land Rover off-roading adventure which is certain to delight and surprise. Discover the secrets of the vineyards and the hidden wineries of the Loire Valley guided by a knowledgeable and bilingual off-road guide. Meet the winemakers, sample their unique wines, or purchase a few bottles to enjoy later at affordable vineyard prices.

The Wild Vines Wine and Boat Safari begins with the off-roading adventure followed by a picnic in the vineyard, ending with a tour of the Loire on a traditional wooden boat, seeing the valley in a whole new way.

For wine lovers seeking an escape like no other, La Grande Maison d’Arthenay should be on the list of extraordinary places to visit and is certain to be an experience of a lifetime.

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